2nd Ment session for Migrant Entrepreneurs
July 29 / at TransformaBxl, Avenue Jules Bordet 13, 1140 Ever, Brussels


Join the 2nd Ment session to learn how to set actionable goals, build a digital strategy, how to research your audience, develop your brand, and find subsidies
If you are building a business and not sure:

  • how to develop a mission, Unique Value proposition and set goals
  • where to start to promote it
  • what are the components of digital marketing you need to use
  • what you can outsource and what you should do yourself
  • how to find your target audience
  • how to reach out to your audience
  • how to efficiently interview your audience
  • how to apply the collected information to your business, so it would touch the hearts of people
  • how to build a network which will drive your business
  • What is storytelling and how to use it to grow your business and get more leads

Then, the upcoming MEnt session is for you! There will be no recording, so make sure you don't to miss it. Designed to transmit skills without which your business will hardly survive, you will learn how to build and shape your digital strategy, get the most out of useful tools, understand the psychological aspects of your audience and build your personal brand.

And you will also get a list of 200+ digital tools for building your business!

Number of seats is limited to 20. Reserve your seat now.

Workshop programme
3 mentors, 3 fields of expertise
1. Build your digital strategy
Learn how to set up & implement your goals
Learn how to develop Unique Value Proposition
Learn 360 degree digital strategy without which your business will hardly survive.

Mentor: Anna Boroshok
2. Research your audience
Take a deep-dive into understanding of the mindset of your audience
How to gain insights and apply them efficiently?

Mentor: Sinouhe Monteiro
3. You against the world
Learn how to build a network which boosts your personal branding
Learn how to use storytelling and build a strong network to grow your business and brand image

Mentor: Erik Eklund
Meet our mentors
We have picked up 3 inspiring mentors with hands on experience, so do hurry to reserve your seat
Anna Boroshok
Digital Marketing Expert
  • Former Adwords Account Manager in Google (portfolio: Johnson&Johnson, Chanel, Nivea, Bayers, etc.)

  • 7 years of experience in Digital Marketing

  • Founder of @Success.studio aimed at enabling European-based entrepreneurs to succeed in building and promoting their businesses

  • Owner of a blog iqloris.com with +54 articles written by her
  • Bio: https://about.me/boroshokanna and http://iqloris.com/how-i-got-to-google
Sinouhe Monteiro
  • Passionate entrepreneur from Angola half from Burundi who grew up in the States

  • Founder of Ewala a prepaid mobile recharging service that connects 500 mobile network operators worldwide.

  • Motivated to share his story about past mistakes and challenges & what it took him to find the right audience for his business
  • Bio: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sinouhe-monteiro/
Erik Eklund
Edutrainer & activator
  • Former Communications Manager with Louis Vuitton - Client Services Europe.

  • 13 years of living and working abroad, moving 17 times across 3 continents, and holding leadership positions in start-ups to multibillion corporations (EPIC Companies, Shangri-La, Louis Vuitton..)

  • Currently following his passion to empower and guide, people and businesses, to make dreams come true, remember that passions conquer fear and sustainable living is to be there for both oneself and others.

  • Specializing in coaching businesses and people to master the art of personal branding, networking and presentations to achieve their goals.
  • Bio: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/against-odds-confessions-rebel-erik-eklund?published=t

The event is FREE, but number of seats is limited to 20 attendees. Register to reserve your place.
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If you need to get in touch with us, send a note to oliver.klawitter@kiron.ngo or follow us on facebook for more updates and details.
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