Fearless Female Founders
Educating and motivating
women to be unstoppable
Our mission is to help ambitious women spread their wings and bring their dreams to reality through guided trainings, networking & daily tips
We build our businesses around our life styles which are harmonious but daring
We build our businesses in harmony with ourselves and others, so it nourishes us instead of destroying
We constantly learn and develop ourselves in all spheres of our life
We don't give up even at hardest obstacles & know how to withstand critisism
Even though we build serious businesses, we preserve our feminine loving nature
360° Growth
We strongly believe that to be successful, one needs to work on all aspects of life
We don't pretend to be anyone else but our true selves who deeply care about others
Our moto is "Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back" and we stand for each other, help each other, and challenge each other.
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If you are a woman with ambitions who wants to be more than an average person, who want to stand out from the crowd and achieve stated goals, be part of us!
Corporate ladies dreaming about building their own business
You want to break away from corporate world and build your own online business but don't know where to start.
Women who already have their business but want to learn more
Somehow you are not happy at your corporate position and feel dreamy about building your own business idea.
Ladies on maternity leave who want to launch their own business
You are a busy and ambitious mum who wants to set her own business or initiative but needs some knowledge and support
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Join us and surround yourself by the force of 602 women who are determined to succeed
"Thank you for this cool event. I didn't get the chance to thank you that day. It was interesting and full of great advise. Meet you again soon."
Hafsa Chergui
Professional photographer in Belgium
"Big thx to both Annas and Oscar! Great workshops, I really enjoyed the evening!"
Kat Matina
Relaunch Coaching
Great meeting last evening, lots of useful information!!! Thank you Anna for organising it and a big thanks to the speakers as well!!!!
Loredana Mihaela
Digital Starter
"Oscar Guti, Anna Thomlinson, Anna Boroshok, thank you so much for your enthusiasm. I just loved this event, I learned so much. Keep me posted about your next event"
Fatiha Elbaj
Money block & success coach
Why Don't I Make More Money
Fatiha Elbaj - a business coach is the area of money blocks who tapped into our hidden blocks that prevent us from earning money
How to Fund Your Business on an Early Stage
Anna Thomlinson - a managing director of KBC Startit and Oscar Guti - a founder of SponsorMe Oscar has taught us how to search for funds and sponsors
Create a Clear Offer for Your Customers
Madeleine Alvarez, an experienced Business Development Consultant and Trainer taught us how to package services and products so that your customers will see their value easier
Money Management and Investment
Desire Nwaobasi has walked us through the history of money, investment platforms and money management tools
What to Focus on When Building Your Business
Tanya Miroshnychenko, an experienced Leader and Project Manager explained us Project Management methods that help decide where to put your focus first
Expressing Your Strength Through Dressing

Elegant Martine Inack-Thieulin - a personal stylist - who taught us how to master our bodies and feel comfortable in them
Avoid Failing Your Business Before it Starts
Anna Boroshok - co-founder of Fearless Female Founders and Digital Strategist - explained how to plan in order to execute and how to manage your mind so it wouldn't procrastinate
LinkedIn: How to Become a Power Networker
Agnes - a co-founder of Fearless Female Founders - explained us how she uses LinkedIn to grow her network to sell goods and services
Learn About Instagram and Twitter for Branding
Marta Bulik - an instagram wizz has told us about the use of social media (Instagram and Twitter) for your brand (personal and business) how to use them and turn into a super business networking tool for you and your brand
Anna Boroshok
I am very excited to see you on Fearless Female Founders (FFF)!

If you landed here, it is definitely not by chance. Grab the opportunity to become a part of this powerful network, learn things that will give you wings to fly towards your dream, being unstoppable and unbreakable.

A little bit about me and why I have started this network: working in such giants as Google, Microsoft, Accenture working for such brands as Johnson&Johnson, Nivea, Chanel, Bayers, Novartis, etc., I was constantly facing the domination of men. They were always so confident and had great networking skills that I always wondering how to get there and make us-women shine as well.

That's how I have decided to create a group where women unite, network, support each other and grow towards their dream with the knowledge that we provide.

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