05 OCTOBER | 19:00 (CEST)

50 min open webinar for entrepreneurs

How to get more done and speed up your MICRO business
If you are an overworked solopreneur with never ending to-do list join our webinar to find out why you should and can have a business assistant
They say that you become a real entrepreneur when you have 50% of your time FREE. Free either for more strategic things or for your personal life.

But when you are starting your business, you're doing it all: trying to sell your product, responding to customers, managing your social media, and so much more. There are 65 things to do and you don't know which way to run. Do you recognise the situation?

That was me 1 month ago and then I hired a business assistant. After that things started moving forward!

⭐ Within 1 week we have organised all the processes, distributed tasks and started working. Katya has taken the technical routine off my shoulders, so I could take care of strategic tasks.
⭐3 weeks later we have a website: www.success.studio; social networks are running smoothly;
⭐3 cool speakers are in a pipeline; "How to identify your strength & passions" marathon is in development and one more important thing is in the process (but we will keep it a secret for now).

I can hear you saying: "Yes, but I can't afford an assistant. It's too early to search for an assistant. I don't know how to work with an assistant. Look where she is and where am I". Don't worry, we will cover these items during the webinar. And yes you CAN afford a business assistant.

Anna Boroshok
Success Studio Founder
During the webinar you will learn
How to search for a business assistant
How much does a business assistant cost
How to organise payments
How to organise workflow processes
Tools for documents management
How to organise communications
Platforms and scheduling
for communications
Anna Boroshok
Founder Success Studio
Digital Marketing Expert with 7 years of experience.
Former Google employee (4 yrs)
Working with freelancers for more than 4 yrs
Author of the blog: iqloris.com
Speaker on Digital Marketing and Leadership topics (presented for Antwerp Business Community, Digital Leadership Institute, Zagran.me, etc.)
Mentor at Ment project (training entrepreneurs on Digital Marketing)
Katya Pipchenko
Business Assistant Success Studio
Freelancer and remote business assistant (1 year)
Graduate of International School of Digital Marketers and Business Assistants
Former Nissan Employee (7 years) and expert in Project Management (4 Years)
MA International Business from Leeds Beckett University, UK

Sign-up Bonuses
If you register for our webinar you will receive detailed business assistant job description and mind map with the ideas how to find and work with one
Job description: business assistant
Detailed Business Assistant job description including role purpose, expectations from the assistant, personality description and the benefits for the assistant
Mind Map
Mind map with ideas on how to find and work with business assistant
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