5 days intensive program
Where do you stand?
Visual communication takes place through pictures, graphs and charts, as well as through signs, signals and symbols. It may be used either independently or as an adjunct to the other methods.
Visual communication
We're here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?
Let's fix your low energy, fears, & limitations!
1. Each day [for 7 days] you will get 1-3 new life-changing habits & loads tips to become more energetic and successful person
2. You will learn to attract more energy and opportunities to your life
3. You will know where to get energy when batteries seem to be empty
4. You will finally understand how to stop the flow of negative buzzy thoughts & focus on positive ones ans see them with clarity
5. And you will get loads of bonuses! [habits tracker, meditations, priming exercises, energy boosting recipes, day planner, etc.]
Day by day you will be becoming more energetic, more balanced, stronger, more influential, and more confident. People around will start treating you differently. Invest 7 days into developing effective, impactful, life-changing behavioral habits which will stay with you forever and will make you confident and free.
How it will work
Every day starting from April 7th you will get a guided video and a task with new habits. Video lectures & tasks will be always available for you in your private Academy profile.
Every day you will need maximum 15 minutes to complete your session. New habits will require more time though (from 15 minutes to 1.5hr) depending on how much time you are willing to spend on yourself.
You will have my personal feedback on your progress and will be able to ask questions within your Academy profile. You will also be a part of a closed Instagram group with like-minded women and exchange thoughts on your progress.
You can learn at any time comfortable for you and the access to the lessons will ALWAYS be available to you even after the completion of the program.
After completion of each session you will generate points towards a free Masterclass on Building your Self-confidence & Leaving Imposter Syndrome Behind
How the Program looks like
Your battery charger
Anna Boroshok
Founder of Fearless Female Founders & your caring Life Coach
Hello, Firebird! I am honoured to be your whisperer on this exciting journey of unlocking your energy and potential ❤️

Some time ago I used to be low on energy and paralysed by fears. But I went through a transformational journey, learnt a lot of life-changing tactics & strategies, put them into a system and now ready to share it with you.

The teachers behind my shoulders are more than 200 books on personal development, Tony Robbins, Mel Robbins, 40+ courses & trainings on personal & business growth and diploma in Counselling, Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis.

My transformational journey gave me fulfilling & loving relationships & job which I love doing. I am ready to share the systems and tools to get there as well.
What results to expect after the program
Loads of energy
You will finally know that you are the one creating and managing and it is there available for you
Automatic early wake-up
Once you get into your new routine full of energising habits, you will wake up early without an alarm!
Instead of waking up full of negative thoughts, you will wake up with a smile & beautiful vision in your head
Mind clarity
You will have a more clear vision of where you should go and what you should do
Increased productivity
You will have more done in a day because of your energy, clarity & new planning skills
You will experience the magic of law of attraction which will bring you new exciting opportunities
What else you will get
Immense value for a price of ... a mascara
New habits tracker
Day planner
Life-changing meditation
Energising yummy recipes
7 mins morning exercises
Energy generating smoothie
You will also get a BONUS!
If you complete the program, you are going to get a free masterclass & learn how to be confident even if you meet the toughest crticisizers on your way
To be successful means to be able to manage your energy and mind so they would help you reach your wildest dreams & freedom of being who you really are. How much would you pay for such a freedom?

You can give yourself such a FREEDOM already TODAY.

7 days program price
New life at the price of Zara blouse 🙈
39 EUR
for YOU
Full price 250 EUR -> 84% discount!
The price will go up to 59 EUR on April 3d
I join!
42 EUR
for YOU and your FRIEND
Full price 420 EUR -> 86% discount!
The price will go up to 59 EUR on April 3d
We are in!
The price goes up on April 3d!
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Money back guarantee
I am so sure about the value you are about to get that I will give you a full money back guarantee

Condition: you need to compete the whole program and practice new habits for at lest 2 weeks. If that doesn't work, I will return you your money.
What is your choice?
You decide
Give yourself a life-changing gift!
Leave behind low energy, negative thoughts & give yourself a gift of being new shining self
Some facts about me
Community of 630+ women who dare to dream. From personal development to business.
Diploma in Psychology from ATI Institute
Graduated with excellence the course in Counselling, Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis
Author of 50+ articles on Personal development
A contributor to Together Magazine on the topics of personal development
Official mentor at Startit@KBC
Coaching female start-ups at Startit@KBC accelerator
Built digital strategies for multinational brands for 4 years in branding & e-commerce sectors
Lived in 8 countries & travelled to 36
Lived in Uzbekistan, Poland, Italy, Russia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ireland, Belgium
Any questions, troubles or requests, contact me at