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Anna Boroshok
Your success whisperer
I am very excited to see you on Fearless Female Founders (FFF)!

If you landed here, it is definitely not by chance. Grab the opportunity to become a part of this powerful network of
Fearless Female Founders, learn things that will give you wings to fly towards your dream, being unstoppable and unbreakable.

A little bit about me and why I have started this network: working in such giants as Google, Microsoft, Accenture working for such brands as Johnson&Johnson, Nivea, Chanel, Bayers, Novartis, etc., I was constantly facing the domination of men. They were always so confident and had great networking skills that I always wondering how to get there and make us-women shine as well.

That's how I have decided to create a group where women unite, network, support each other and grow towards their dream with the knowledge that we provide.

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