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June 12th - June 19th 2020 | 850 EUR

Give yourself an unforgettable present of a life-changing sailing trip packed with various personal development practices that will help you reach your potential and live the life you always dreamt about

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Full price €850
Pay in 2 installments of €425
[Bring one more person and pay 10% less]
- 6 days life-changing program (1.5hrs/day) "Unlock Your Potential"
- Modern Luxurious Sailing+Motor Catamaran. Your sleeping place or the whole bedroom
- No need to pay for hotel, restaurants, transport!
- Final cleaning, bed linen, towels
- Small motor boat for cruising wild bays and beaches
- Professional experienced skipper/captain
- Short walking trips into the nature or local settlements
- Flight tickets and transport to base port (marina)
- Sailing expenses (food, water, drinks, fuel, port fees) around €170-250 per person for week
- Optional land tours, car rental, restaurants
- Optional travel insurance covering recreational sailing
Why to join?
Make your dream
a reality
Open up the whole new world of sea to yourself! You will see, it will be an unforgettable experience
Have unforgettable memories
Don't waste money on things, collect memories, they will warm your heart during blue days
Upgrade to a new version of yourself
Unleash your hidden potential with our on-board personal development program. It'll change your life

Our modern catamaran has both speed and style. Motors, sails, 4 double bedrooms, crew cabins, and 4 bathrooms with all the comforts: showers, hot water, electricity; fully equipped kitchen with fridges, 3 lounge areas
You will be sharing this amazing experience with 9 other people passionate about adventures and curious to discover their potential through personal development program we have prepared for you. Want some alone time? No worries, 3 lounge areas will allow you to stay on your own if needed.
Every day we will discover new amazing place.
Eat, pray, love in paradise!
Discover sea
We will navigate in relaxed pace and every night park in a new place
Unleash your potential
Discover your potential through personal development program we have prepared for you
Discover hidden gems
We will discover the hidden spots not easily accessible by land
Snorkel in blue waters
Free dive in crystal clear waters and observe the amazing sea life
Taste local food
We will explore local towns and enjoy eating out when we want
Relax & have fun
We will have a cook on the catamaran but you are free to eat in local places
Our Program
The program is tentative and can be adjusted as per team's needs
June 12th - June 19th
June 12th
June 12th
Arrival to Trogir, Croatia
Meet the team, participate in stocking groceries, discover on-land Trogir
June 13th
June 13th
Trogir - Krknjasi Islets - Sesula Cove - Saskinja Islets - Vis
We start our cruise at the port of Trogir, a charming little city where historical settings meet vibrant modern atmosphere. We will make a few stops on our way to Vis island.

Then, we will sail to the small island of Šolta, just a glimpse away from the coastline. Get to enjoy turquoise blue sea among Krknjaši islets, followed by stunning views and gastronomy of Sesula Cove and picturesque Saskinja Islets.

After, we will make our way to the amazing island of Vis - a place characterized by the simplicity of living even in the highest tourist season. Spend the evening enjoying the charms of the Vis town.
June 14th
June 14th
Vis - Tiha Cove - Biševo Island - Komiža
Starting with the old town of Vis, dating from the 4th century BC, we will visit historical sites such as the remains of ancient Issa, five Roman Catholic churches, residences of noble families or simply stroll around settings where the sequence of "Mamma mia" musical was filmed.

We will enjoy the nature of Tiha Cove before setting off to Biševo - a small island famous for the magnificent Blue cave, where through a natural opening sunlight penetrates to the white rocks on the bottom, making a reflection that illuminates the walls of the cave in blue and objects under the water in silvery color.

Town of Komiža, the final stop of the day, lies on the sunny side of the Vis island and is known by narrow alleys, slender houses, morning fish market and surrounding pebble beaches.
June 15th
June 15th
Komiža - Budikovac Islet - Zaglav Cove - Stoncica Cove - Vinogradisce Cove - Palmižana
From Komiža we head to the blue lagoon of Budikovac Islet, a small, almost uninhabited place where you feel like the sea touches the sky. We will continue to Zaglav Cove and its sandy beach ideal for those who wish to escape the summer crowds and enjoy the peace and quiet whether sunbathing on the sand or hiding beneath the canopy of a pine forest. Stončica Cove is ideal for a relaxing afternoon of enjoying the sand, the sun and fine food.

Then, we will continue to the next stop - Pakleni islands. Vinogradišće Cove is a great stop for swimming in crystal clear sea and enjoying exclusive food. Final stop for the day is Palmižana - a small tourist resort with exotic landscape dominated by the immense beauty of numerous trees and plants, restaurants, bungalows, clear sea and sandy sea bottom.
June 16th
June 16th
Palmižana - Parja Cove - Zukova Cove - Vrboska
After a wonderful rest in Palmižana, we are off to discover the beauties of Hvar - Croatia's sunniest island. The island of Hvar is often referred to as the queen of Dalmatian islands. Full of vast fields of lavender, ancient olive trees and vineyards, Hvar represents a perfect harmony between man and nature.

We will start with Parja Cove that hides a cave called Markova spilja (Mark's cave) - a prehistoric place where first traces of neolithic on the Adriatic were found. We are at one of the least discovered parts of western Hvar, and our next stop Žukova Cove is often called a natural paradise - an excellent bay to sail into and a beach to spend the day enjoying yourself in the shade of pine trees, cool summer breeze and clear waters.

Call it a day at Vrboska, the smallest town of Hvar island also known as "little Venice" for a small stone bridge connecting the two sides of the town.
June 17th
June 17th
Vrboska - Blaca Cove - Milna
From Vrboska we head to the island of Brač, the largest Dalmatian island. Our first stop of the day is picturesque Blaca Cove. Enjoy magical scenery of a dense pine forest and a small chapel just above the beach. If time allows you, visit the nearby desert Blaca with monastery hermitage emerged in 1551. A small forest trail of about 2 km leads from the cove to the monastery.

Spend the rest of the day in Milna, one of the prettiest small towns of Brač. The Venetians called Milna "Valle di mille navi" (the bay of a thousand ships), as it has been favourite port to sailors sailing through the Middle Adriatic. For years, Milna was known for its shipbuilding and is home to the renowned Dalmatian boat "bracera". Besides historical sights, stone houses and lovely charm of a typical little Dalmatian town, in Milna you will find delicious fresh fish, olive oil and home-made wines.
June 18th
June 18th
Milna - Necujam Cove - Trogir
Use your time in Milna well either by historical sightseeing, relaxing on the beach or enjoying water sports. After exploring all the hidden gems of Milna, we once again make a stop at the island of Šolta.

Nečujam Cove is the largest one on the island and branches into several smaller coves. The deepest one (Piškera) still hides the remains of a private fishpond that once belonged to the famous Roman emperor Diocletian. Spend time in the surroundings whose tranquility and green views inspired some of the greatest Croatian poets before we take our way back to the coast.

We have reached the mainland and arrived at our final stop. The historic city of Trogir is situated on a small island between the Croatian mainland and the island of Čiovo and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.
June 19th
June 19th
Check-out from the boat
We check-out from the catamaran at 9am.
Full price €850
Pay in 2 installment of €425
[Bring one more person and pay 10% less]
Identify point A: Discover what hidden scenario runs your life
Identify your harmful scenario which subconsciously runs your life and blocks you from success
Identify the major blocks that hold you back
Learn how to break through your harmful scenario
Identify your limiting beliefs and develop a counter attack matrix

Results you will get:

You will know what scenario was blocking you for all this time
You will learn how to revert your negative scenario into your strength
You will know a formula on how to let go of limiting beliefs with a unique matrix

1.5 hrs/day
Understand how hidden life scenarios work
Understand how hidden programs run your life
Discover what exactly makes us suffer and how to solve the vicious cycle
Understand what successful mindset is
Identify your biggest struggle
Learn how hidden scenarios run our lives without us know that

Results you will get:

You will start to see clearly how you and people around are conditioned by their past
You will know what emotions you want to feel in life and feel how they positively affect your life

Identify point B: Your grand vision
Mistakes we do when we try to visualise our grand vision
Develop your grand vision with 10 meaningful questions
Visualise your grand vision with a guided visualisation

Results you will get:

You will get a guided meditation for your grand vision
You will notice that you have more energy and drive
You will have a clear vision of where you need to go and what to do to achieve it
You will start vibrating on positive frequencies which will attract amazing opportunities

How to bridge the gap between your current reality & your grand vision
How to manifest your dreams correctly with a special exercise
How to correctly work with gratitude
Common mistakes on the way to reaching dreams
How to make sure that you reach your dream with psychological & practical exercises
How to stay motivated during roll-backs
Tactics for working with negative thoughts

Results you will get:

You will learn how to keep on walking towards your dream while others give up
You will learn how to use a formula of letting go of negative thoughts
You will know exactly what to do to work on to reach your dream
Your paradise BONUSES
Sailing and navigation lessons for those who desire
Freediving master class. Hold your breath under water and calm your mind
Surprise attractions in the water and above it
We are proud about what we do and want to share the passion for sea, adventure, and life with you
Sergy Almer
Captain and IT inteupreneur (@sea4happy). Trained by Irish Offshore Sailing school and has navigated around 5000 nautical miles in Irish sea, Meds, and the Atlantic.
Anna Boroshok
Personal Development Coach
Anna is a specialist in personal development and growth with Diploma in Counselling, Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis (@anna_boroshok). She will be your trip coach & unblocker of your potential. Anna is also a founder of Fearless Female Founders - a group of 952+ ambitious women who dare to dream.
Alisa Garaeva & Vakil Takhaveev
PhD students, Groningen, The Netherlands
We spent a fantastic week in the Atlantic ocean by the Canary islands with Sergy. As a captain, he was confident and not demanding too much. With Sergy on board, we felt very safe, both during calm passages and when it was windy. We did not need to think about organizational plans as Sergy did everything in this regard, for example, arranged rental cars etc. He also readily allowed us steering the catamaran and taught everything about sailing when we had desire to learn. But very often we were just sunbathing, enjoying meals and drinks, and fantastic views around. Should there be a chance to repeat this experience we will learn much more from Sergy. Most of all, he is a very positive and interesting person!
Marina Golodnikova
Googler, Dublin, Ireland
Yachting trip with Sergy around Sicilian islands was easily one of the best vacations I've ever had. And not only was it due to an amazing company, landscapes, seeing sunrise on my birthday at an active volcano, and many more adventures, but definitely also due to Sergy. His captainship approach is a great balance between very relaxed most of the time, like let's do whatever makes sense and vote, and very composed and directional when needed. Always with a laugh, music and a bit of aperol spritz;) I cannot wait to go yachting with Sergy again, and I'm sure it's gonna be an experience of a lifetime again!
Tomasz Werte
Telecom Engineer. Dublin, Ireland

I joined Sergy for sailing trip around Barcelona in 2016 and have very brigh memories of it. My wish was to have a good rest and learn as much as possible about sailing (I was driving small motorboat couple of times before this trip). With Sergy everything was so easy! He explained all safety features of the yacht, showed how to build the best route according to latest weather forecast. I was asking how to steer the yacht and set up sails and Sergy was really happy to share and coach. On top of that we were swimming in open sea right from the yacht and saw dolfins. Must have experience!
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