FREE webinar by Anna Boroshok
March 28th, 8pm (BRU time) in Fearless Female Founders Group
This webinar is for you, if you are...
Constantly low
on energy
Have no time for your dreams
Paralised by fear & uncertaintees
Possessed by sofa, Netflix & procrustination
Lacking clarity for going ahead with your dreams
Drown in negative thoughts
How your life can be if you know how to get energy
Loads of energy
You will finally know that you are the one creating and managing and it is there available for you
Automatic early wake-up
Once you get into your new routine full of energising habits, you will wake up early without an alarm!
Instead of waking up full of negative thoughts, you will wake up with a smile & beautiful vision in your head
Mind clarity
You will have a more clear vision of where you should go and what you should do
Increased productivity
You will have more done in a day because of your energy, clarity & new planning skills
You will experience the magic of law of attraction which will bring you new exciting opportunities
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By the end of the webinar you will get 2 very powerful techniques on how to work with your fears so they wouldn't block you on the way to your dreams
What is your choice?
You decide
Give yourself a life-changing gift!
Leave behind low energy, negative thoughts & give yourself a gift of being new shining self
Some facts about me
Community of 630+ women who dare to dream. From personal development to business.
Diploma in Psychology from ATI Institute
Graduated with excellence the course in Counselling, Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis
Author of 50+ articles on Personal development
A contributor to Together Magazine on the topics of personal development
Official mentor at Startit@KBC
Coaching female start-ups at Startit@KBC accelerator on topics of digital strategy
Built e-commerce & branding digital strategies for multi-nationals: J&J, Chanel, LVMH, Bayer, etc.
Passionate about travelling
Lived in 8 countries, travelled to 38. Co-organiser of Yacht retreat in Malta this June
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