How to ignore critisism: 2 easy techniques
Author: Anna Boroshok, founder of Fearless Female Founders
Let's say you have got an idea to built a new business or simply to do something interesting with your life and suddenly you have faced criticism from your friends, family, and random people:

"No, no, no", they say, "There is too much competition, it is insecure, it is not worth it, it will not bring you anywhere…" and so on and so forth. Sounds familiar?

Here are 2 simple exercises which will help you ignore these kind of comments instantly:

1. Imagine that you hold a hand of your child (even if you don't have one) and enter a room with all those people who criticise you or potentially can do so. Once you've entered the room, they turn to you and start saying,

– "is this your child? Is it a girl? How come? Girls are not trendy nowadays!"

– "and why blue eyes? Brown are much more fashionable now."

– "But look at those curls! This is so outdated! Make the hair straight asap!"

– and so on…

How do you feel about all these comments? You want to laugh, right? Or you simply don't take those people seriously, because they don't know what they are talking about. Because this is the way your child is and so is your business or the idea that you love so much. Next time someone will start criticising you, just recreate this situation and you will see how easily you will let the critics go.

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2. Once again, let's say that you want to start something new and you don't feel experienced enough to be confident. Additionally, people start telling you, "But you don't have enough of experience", "Your writing skills are not good", "You are a lousy speaker", and so on… whatever applies to your situation.

Here is what you should do to feel at ease with such attacks:

  • accept your imperfections
  • accept the fact that you are not the top of competition…yet
  • become at piece with the aforementioned
For example, you started blogging and people tell you that you do mistakes in your articles or your style sucks. You can say, "Ok, that's fine, I agree that I am not Dostoyevski and I don't pretend I am – that's the fact – and I am fine with that. But I am being the best version of myself."

That's it, you have mastered Zen of ignoring criticism!
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Author Anna Boroshok
March / 2019
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