How to create professional looking digital images for your business
19:00 –20:00
Aug 16 / Wed
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Want to take the situation under control
and create your own images?
  • Are you struggling to create nice looking banners for your social networks and business?
  • Is it painful to find suitable images, understand their sizing, create a good composition out of different elements?
Then this 50 min training is for you!

After taking this course you will no longer waste your time trying to figure out how to make images transparent, how to crop them in round shape, how to remove unnecessary background, etc.

Within one hour workshop, expect to finally learn how to create images like a pro with all the necessary and FREE tools at your hands.
What will you learn
How to find FREE images for your business
You will learn how to find royalty free images in Google by using filters.
Bonus: list of 25+ photo stocks with FREE images
5 FREE tools for creating professional looking photos easily
You will learn how to use #1 image creation tool - Canva. I will show how to easily create social posts, presentations and business cards + 4 other FREE tools for creating mind maps, flow charts, and info graphics.
Bonus: Free Crash Course in info graphics.
How to do technical adjustments in an easy way
You will master how to darken images background, remove a not-needed background from a photo, to round up an image/photo, to identify a color code, to send a component to front or back on an image composition.
Bonus: Free tool for automatic logo creation in 5 minutes.
How to outsource image creation to freelancers (logo creation)
Where to find freelancers to create more complicated images for $5-10. How to write a technical guide to avoid misunderstanding.
Bonus: A template of a technical task on logo creation
Who is this webinar for?
People who start their businesses
You are just starting & want to learn how to create images for your business
Startups and enterpreneurs
Learn how to quickly make simple mages or find cheap freelancers for complicated ones
Social networks
You aim to promote your content via social networks and need cool images for that
Anna Boroshok
Master class host
Welcome to the masterclass on image creation! I am more than happy to see you here and wish to share with you the experience and tools I was collecting for 2> years.

By the way, I am a former Googler and an expert in Digital Marketing with more than 7 years of experience. No need to say that I need image creation skills in my job and I do it regularly.

You can see the images I have created on my 2 websites: and as well as on my Facebook business page:

To further prove my expertise here are my other relics:

- Speaker on Digital Marketing and Leadership topics (presented for Antwerp Business Community, Digital Leadership Institute,, etc.)

- Official mentor at MEnt project (training entrepreneurs on Digital Marketing)
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