Learn to create & set-up covers for Instagram featured stories
20:00 –20:40
Aug 13 / Wed
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Examples of icons for featured stories

After taking the masterclass you will learn how to create covers for your featured
stories like on the screenshots below
you will learn
  • why it is important to have the featured stories
  • how featured stories can help you in building your brand
  • how to find background for your covers
  • how to find free icons and adjust their color
  • how to merge the background and icons and what tool to use for it
  • how to add ready icons to Instagram featured stories
  • how to add stories to created featured stories
What will you get

How to find FREE icons for your business

FREE tool for creating professional looking photos easily

How to do technical adjustments in an easy way
How to outsource image creation to freelancers (logo creation)
Bonus: A template of a technical task on logo creation
Who is this webinar for?
People who start their businesses
You are just starting & want to learn how to make your Instagram look professional
Social networks
You want your Instagram profile to stand out with branded featured stories
Startups and enterpreneurs
You want to add featured stories to bring forward most important information about your business
Register for the webinar before August 10th at the early bird price
Money back guarantee
If you are not happy with the contents of the masterclass, you can request your money back within 3 days after the masterclass.
Anna Boroshok
Master class host
Welcome to the masterclass! I am more than happy to see you here and teach you how to work with Instagram featured stories

A bit about me:

I am co-founder of Fearless Female Founders, ex-Googler and leading digital strategist at Emakina Group.

It is for more than 4 years I create banners as a part of my job which is also my passion.

You can see my Instagram account here:


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