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Anna Grigorash
Founder of Main Apparel Inc
One fit all occasions dress for busy business ladies
Francesca Paschetta
Productivity Coach
Helping busy professionals ditch the busy work and achieve fulfillment
Anna Boroshok
Founder of Fearless Female Founders
Giving wings to women who don't want to settle for less
Francesca Fata
Love Coach
Helping women attract the right man by breaking through what's been keeping them single
Nadezhda Tiberius
Co-founder of Ladies on Board
Otilia Babara
Founder of Seen at Sea
beautifully crafted video stories for companies and organisations aiming to reach a wider audience
Anna Thomlinson
Managing Director at Startit @KBC
Growing Belgian startup scene & helping women grow
Business Strategy at Agfa Healthcare and Antwerp Business Community Passionate about productivity & leadership

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