50 Steps to Excellence from Tony Robbins' program

Author: Anna Boroshok, founder of Fearless Female Founders
  1. Success strategy: Define OUTCOME you want -> understand your WHY -> commit to MASSIVE ACTION -> analyse progress -> if you don't get close to the outcome, CHANGE your APPROACH. And master your mindset!
  2. If you have a business or building it, focus on CONTEXT over CONTENT. Basically, if previously one should have worked hard on creating USEFUL content, now it is all about A CAUSE: why you do what you do? What is your highest purpose? Your focus (be you a person or a brand) shall never be MONEY but A HIGHER PURPOSE that fulfills you and creates value for your customers, so they become your raving fans.

Imagine you have a clothing brand for girls. Instead of ONLY selling clothes, you can set your MISSION as providing education to girls from disadvantaged families.
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    1. ANTICIPATION, knowing your X FACTOR, and being ahead of all competition by 2mm is the formula for any business success.
    2. Another success strategy: Strategy -> Plan -> Process.
    3. If you can do for people/clients MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE, you will have raving fans.
    4. PLANNING is good, but CHANGE happens when you SCHEDULE.
    5. COMPLEXITY is the enemy of EXECUTION. Unconsciously, we create complexity to show that we are smart, but that hinders execution. SIMPLIFY!
    6. You only FAIL if you GIVE UP and QUIT.
    7. SMALL CHANGES, in the beginning, make BIG CHANGES at the end.
    8. Avoid PARALYSIS of ANALYSIS: don't overthink, go for it!
    9. You ARE what you THINK. Mind your THOUGHTS! Energy flows where attention goes
    10. Do not be a VICTIM, be a REASON.
    11. If you do what you always do, you will get what you always receive.
    12. If you do not believe, you will not find resources or opportunities; you need to be in a STATE OF FAITH.
    13. If you want an OUTSTANDING life, never stop STUDYING and TRAINING.
    14. Many people know what to do in their lives, but very few people actually DO WHAT THEY KNOW. To know is not enough! You must TAKE ACTION.
    15. Want to ACHIEVE something faster? Look for people who have achieved what you would like to achieve. Find out what they are doing and DO THE SAME.
    16. If you SUFFER, you focus too much on YOURSELF. Switch your focus on being the light for others.
    17. The strongest force in the human personality is the need to STAY CONSISTENT with how we define ourselves.
    18. What controls our lives are the MEANINGS we associate with the things in our lives.
    19. Your NEGATIVE BELIEFS about yourself are just thoughts deeply engraved into your BRAIN. But, you can REWIRE it!
    20. We all get what we TOLERATE.
    21. The only thing that prevents you from getting what you want is an OLD STORY that you are constantly telling yourself.
    22. ENERGY is a very important factor in your success. Learn to keep its levels up.
    23. POSTURE is a huge factor in your success. Spread your shoulders!
    24. To achieve great results, raise your STANDARDS: turn your SHOULDs into MUSTs
    25. FAILURE is a mother of SUCCESS: Ever tried. Ever failed. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.
    26. The worst RISK you can take is not taking any RISK.
    27. PRAISE yourself for achievements and don't forget to PRAISE others.
    28. To connect with people, you need to understand their top basic needs: certainty, uncertainty, significance, love|connection, contribution. The most spread needs are SIGNIFICANCE & LOVE.
    29. Watch your BELIEFS and LANGUAGE -> they shape your life.
    30. Be GRATEFUL and shift NEGATIVE feelings into POSITIVE ones. Trade your EXPECTATIONS for APPRECIATION.
    31. POWER moves to those who is completely COMMITTED TO SERVE.
    32. The more people you CARE about, the more energy, power, love you are going to get back.
    33. People's lives are a direct reflection of the expectations of their PEER group.
    34. PROXIMITY is power. Find those who are stronger, smarter, faster and join their group.
    35. Surround yourself with people who CHALLENGE you, mentor you and make you feel happy, driven and fulfilled.
    36. STRESS = FEAR when you are an achiever. Meaning that you might think you are not afraid but if you experience STRESS, it is actually FEAR. Dance with it!
    37. Create MAGIC for people that surround you and beyond by doing out of box pleasant surprises.
    38. Bring all your aspects of life into a BALANCE, cause if one of them is lacking, thigs will eventually not work: physical body, emotions & meaning, relationships, time, work/career/mission, finances, celebrate & contribute.
    39. How do you improve one or another aspect of your life? You bring all your focus on it and you LEARN!
    40. READ at least 10 mins a day impactful literature.
    41. Train yourself to LAUGH.
    42. Follow ALKALINE diet, because high acidity is a cause of most health problems: eat more of water-rich food, reduce meat consumption, try to eat organic.
    43. Do BREATHING exercises as they nourish cells with OXYGEN which keeps us younger, more energetic, and healthier.
    44. Avoid personal care products with harmful ingredients: aluminum, parabens, etc.
    45. Drink PURE water: use filters, avoid plastic bottles.
    46. Drink water only before and after eating, not during! It slows down your digestion.
    47. Take essential fatty acids: Omega 3, 6 and 9.
    48. Aaaand the last one: have a physical state that drives results! EXERCISE, watch your posture, spread your shoulders, open up your chest!
    Remember, what's talked about is a dream. What's envisioned is exciting, what's planned is possible, but what's scheduled is REAL! Tony Robbins

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    Author Anna Boroshok
    07 February / 2019
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