6 days intensive program on identifying harmful and breaking patterns
that hold you back from your real unstoppable you

Since we are kids, we develop protective mechanisms as a reaction to traumas that happened to us. We bring them into our adult life unconsciously limiting ourselves in many spheres of our lives. In this program you will learn and work on how to get rid of the influence of old traumas, re-think your past and re-build the relationships with people around you so they would bring you joy, motivation and piece. You will not only learn what you are capable of but also how to see life as an exciting game the rules of which you create by yourself.
What life are you living?
Free spirit living by her own rules like only 5% of women
- knows that her life depends solely on her & creates her own reality
- constantly works on spotting & removing harmful patterns
- aware of her harmful patterns from childhood and can control them
- attracts amazing opportunities in her life
- does what she enjoys doing
- respects herself and is respected by others
What will you learn during the program:
1. How to identify what holds you back in different spheres of life
2. How to be aware if you act out of limiting patterns and believes
3. How to re-write your harmful history & start living at full potential
4. How to upgrade your life in 6 major areas of life
5. How to create your own desirable reality
6. How to spot opportunities and act on them
How it will work
You will have access to a platform with a personal profile where you can learn at your own pace
Every third day you will get a lesson and a task to complete. Video lectures & tasks will be always available for you in your private Academy profile
You will get actionable tactics and exercises supported by working tools
You can learn at any time comfortable for you and the access to the lessons will ALWAYS be available to you even after the completion of the program
After completion of each session you will generate points towards a free Masterclass on Building your Self-confidence & Leaving Imposter Syndrome Behind
Why you will like the program
Based on feedback of our participants
Guided approach
We use step-by-step logical approach where you know exactly what to do
No bla bla bla
No water, actionable sessions that bring results right during the sessions
Learn and do
To get immediate results, you have interesting exercises to do
Habits building
The program is spread along 1 months to build-in new habits into your system
Female community
Safe WhatsApp community of women you can
grow together with
Working materials
Downloadable working sheets, meditations and other useful tools
Money back guarantee
I am so sure about the value you are about to get that I will give you a full money back guarantee

Condition: you need to compete the whole program and practice new habits for at lest 2 weeks. If that doesn't work, I will return you your money.
Apply today and get a BONUS!
By the end of the webinar you will get 2 very powerful techniques on how to work with your fears so they wouldn't block you on the way to your dreams
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Give yourself a life-changing gift!
Leave behind low energy, negative thoughts & give yourself a gift of being new shining self
Your success whisperer
Anna Boroshok
Founder of Fearless Female Founders & your caring Life Coach
Hello, Firebird! I am honoured to be your whisperer on this exciting journey of unblocking yourself from fears and harmful patterns ❤️

Some time ago I used to be full of fears & limiting believes. But I went through a transformational journey, learnt a lot of life-changing tactics & strategies, put them into a system and now ready to share it with you.

The teachers behind my shoulders are more than 200 books on personal development, Tony Robbins, Mel Robbins, 40+ courses & trainings on personal & business growth and diploma in Counselling, Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis.

My transformational journey gave me fulfilling & loving relationships & job which I love doing. I am ready to share the systems and tools to get there as well.
Some facts about me
Community of 680+ women who dare to dream. From personal development to business.
Diploma in Psychology from ATI Institute
Graduated with excellence the course in Counselling, Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis
Author of 50+ articles on Personal development
A contributor to Together Magazine on the topics of personal development
Official mentor at Startit@KBC
Coaching female start-ups at Startit@KBC accelerator
Built digital strategies for multinational brands for 4 years in branding & e-commerce sectors
Lived in 8 countries & travelled to 36
Lived in Uzbekistan, Poland, Italy, Russia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ireland, Belgium
Any questions, troubles or requests, contact me at
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