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9 master classes 1.5 hour each
150 +
Digital marketing and business management tools
Mind maps
Stop waiting, start doing!
You have a great business idea but don't know where to start to get it going?
There is an Amazonian forest of information out there
but it is so confusing and not structured.

Congratulations! You are in the right place.
During this academy you will learn all the necessary steps in a structured and logical way, practice their implementation with homework exercises, and get 200+ useful tools to finally launch your business

Who is this for?
The Academy is for those who want to build and promote a business online
Corporate employees dreaming about building their own business

You want to break away from corporate world and build your own online business but don't know where to start.
Micro, mini and medium entrepreneurs launching their businesses
You are starting your business but feel that you are lacking digital marketing knowledge and you can't afford a digital marketing expert yet.
People who want to become digital marketing assistants

You are either digital marketing assistant or you want to be one, but you need a more structural knowledge on how to make your customers happy
Ladies on maternity leave who want to launch their own business

You want to break away from corporate world and build your own online business but don't know where to start.
Small businesses that want to educate their stuff on digital marketing
It is expensive to hire an experienced digital marketeer but you don't want to love in quality
Startups who want to accelerate their business

You are starting a business but don't know how to build a digital strategy to accelerate your growth
Check if you need to join the Academy

Are you lost in the multitude of scattered information
on digital marketing and business promotion

You are lost in the multitude of scattered information on digital marketing and don't know how to promote your business
You have already tried some methods of business building and promotion but they didn't work
You continue to spend money on promotion of your product but it is no selling
You are tired of working for someone else and want to break away by building your own business
You don't have a business plan, a digital strategy, vision & a team to help you with business promotion & you think it is expensive
You are tired of attending expensive (or free) bla bla trainings which you can't apply to your business
Academy Programme
New media influence, researching tools of strategy building and visual experiments
What do you need to know before you start
  • Can you make it all on your own or you need a team?
  • Defining your business model, monetisation, and revenue generating plan
  • Developing a meaningful Mission with 3 methodologies
  • 3 formulas for creating Unique Value
  • Proposition that will make your business clear to buyers
  • How to set goals and plan for results
54 EUR
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Promotion via brand building and PR
  • What is brand building and why you need it
  • How to build a brand (fast track and slow track)
  • How to develop your own style
  • How to reach out to media
  • Copywriting
    - how to define your writing style
    - how to write selling posts: structure
  • Bonus: script of fast track brand building
54 EUR
How to find your niche and stand out from competition
  • How to do audience analysis (problematic interviews)
  • How to identify and segment your target audience to maximise sales (4 segments)
  • How to identify demand before launch & already earn on the testing stage
  • How to analyse competitors and differentiate yourself from them
54 EUR

Building a professional looking website for less than $150
  • What to choose: static website or a constructor?
  • How to find a web-developer at a low price but with great skills?
  • How to build landings that sell: template of selling structure
54 EUR
Increasing conversion rate with sales funnels
  • How to create sales funnels that increase conversion up to 60%
  • Budget calculation via decomposition of sales funnel
  • How to write triggers
  • Email marketing funnel
54 EUR
  • How to promote your business on Facebook for $5 and get more fans
  • 5 strategies on how to generate traffic organically without investing money
  • Advertising in Adwords:
  • - overview of Adwords advertising products and explanation what purpose they serve
  • - setting up search campaigns
  • - setting up remarketing
54 EUR

Systematisation of business processes
  • How to create a team that generates revenue
  • How to automise processes to save money & time
  • What tools to use for projects management
  • How to develop processes
54 EUR
How to launch selling webinars and create professional images easily
  • Tools for webinars and broadcasting
  • Structure of a sales funnel that brings 60% conversion
  • How to create professionally looking banners for your posts
  • Where and how create mind maps for free
  • Where and how build flow chart
54 EUR
What tools to use for analysing your website and social network performance
  • How to add Google Tag Manager to your website to easily implement pixels
  • How to implement and use Google Analytics:
    - how to filter out bots
    - what reports to look at to improve your conversion rate
    - heat maps too
54 EUR
Why choose us?
Affordable prices
There are other digital marketing academies but they are unjustifiably expensive. We have decided to make the platform affordable, because our Mission is to help European businesses to grow and thrive
Fully online
The Academy is fully online. You don't need to take days off or worry what to do with children, or spend money and time on commuting
Integrated approach
Knowing that there is a lot of scattered information about digital marketing, we have developed a logical integrated program that leads you from A to Z of digital marketing
Easy to digest language

Even if you are not too experienced in Digital Marketing, this Academy WILL NOT confuse you with complex words and complicated concepts. Easy comprehensive language - that's what we target for
Mentor with hands on experience

The Academy's mentor has more than 7 years of hands on digital marketing experience both in small and large companies (Google, J&J, Chanel, Bayers, etc.)
Access to recorded lectures

If you didn't manage to attend a live master class, no worries! You will get it in recorded version, so you can study any time, from anywhere you want
Access to a business community group
Nothing accelerates our growth as much as our environment. Surround yourself by like-minded people, ask business-related questions, exchange ideas, and grow together

Knowledge without practice is useless. That's why you will get home work exercises to put aqcuired knowledge into practice.
Money back guarantee

We want you to be satisfied with your choice so if you are unhappy with any master-class you chose, we will return the whole amount you have paid.
How will you learn
We made sure that information is straight-forward and easy to digest
Confirmation of your place
Within a week after application you will receive a confirmation of your place by email. To confirm your place enrollment fee must be paid. A maximum of 20 participants will be accepted
Supportive Community
You will get access to the closed group where you can communicate with other Academy participants, ask business related questions and exchange ideas
Flexible Approach
  • There are 9 main sections in the Academy. Each section contains 2 online webinars of approximately 1.5 hours each + Q&A. All webinars are recorded and sent to you by email the next day.
  • After each webinar you will receive your homework. For each completed task, you will generate a bonus. The student who will get the highest number of bonuses receive the next session for FREE
  • If you are satisfied with the 1st session, you can purchase the 2nd session (the dates of the next session will be announced during the 1st session.
  • Note that the 1st section starts on September 26th with the 1st webinar happening on the same day at 7pm
Knowledge Base
Success Studio provides a wealth of resources to support you during your learning and after the course
Anna Boroshok
Welcome to Fearless Female Founders! I am happy to see you here because I created it for You.

For 8 years I was collecting knowledge on Digital Marketing. Out of these 7 years, 4 years I have been working in Google managing a portfolio of $2 000 000. My portfolio included such clients as Johnson&Johnson, Nivea, Chanel, Bayers, Novartis, etc.

I have decided to launch the Academy because I believe that through having our own businesses we realise our potential and bring forward our talent to their maximum. To be able to define your professional future one of the most rewarding things that can happen in your life.

Entrepreneurship is the best way to change the world.

What our customers say about us
Anna is driven by her passion to share her extensive digital marketing knowledge with people who want to kick-start their businesses.
She is very engaged in everything she is doing, a real problem-solver and likes her work to be clean. I have the pleasure to collaborate with Anna in the framework of the MEnt programme, an EU-funded programme supporting migrant and refugee entrepreneurs in the first steps of launching their business ideas. Her support really made a difference, especially when handling last minute changes and unforeseen problems, for example creating marketing content or landing pages to spread the word. She draws from more than seven year experience working for multinational companies and has clearly a very deep insight in what drives state of the art digital marketing. Within her session she provides excellent advice to marketing related challenges faced by her audience.
Oliver Klawitter
Transforma Bxl & Kiron Open Higher Education
Anna has made it through very tough challenges in both her private and personal life, and here she is, on fire to help more people accomplish their tasks and achieve their dreams. Without doubt a woman I offer my highest recommendation.
Erik Eklund
We Shift
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